The Franken-Therme Bad Windsheim

    Immerse yourself and experience soothing relaxation

    The underground of Bad Windsheim offers three natural remedies:
    Medicinal and mineral waters, fully saturated brine and thermal brine of the highest quality.

    The water from the thermal brine source is fed directly into the four swimming pools.
    There are four thermal brine pools inside and outside the facility a water surface totaling approx. 1,750 m².
    The thermal brine pools have different brine concentrations of 1.5%, 4% and 12% and temperatures between 32 and 36 ° C.
    To round up your relaxation, you will also find water attractions here


    Relief for many skin and respiratory diseases

    Thermal brine pool with 1.5% brine and a temperature of 30 – 21 ° C
    In addition to the flow channel and the bubbling whirlpool, water aerobics are offered every 2 hours.
    Thermal brine pool with 4% brine and a temperature of 32 – 34 ° C
    Air bubble seats and loungers and a 15 m long massage jet street pamper you here.
    Thermal brine pool with 12% brine and a temperature of 34 – 36 ° C
    Body and soul float in soft music and atmospheric underwater lighting with color changes.
    Outside area thermal brine pool with 1.5% brine and a temperature of 30-32 ° C

    You can also enjoy the steaming warmth of the water in the cold season or let the sun’s rays tickle your nose in summer. It is entirely up to you whether you swim a few laps in the swimming area or prefer to relax with the water attractions, air bubble loungers, gooseneck showers and massage jets.

    The salt lake

    Experience the unique floating sensation in the salt lake of the Franken-Therme!

    Fully saturated brine with a salt content of 26.9% and a temperature of 26 – 30 ° C.
    With 750 square meters, the salt lake offers an extraordinary and healthy bathing experience.

    The brine is pumped from a depth of around 200 meters. There it rests in a salt dome around twelve meters thick. A third of the water surface is covered and with the cactus landscape and the beach chairs, the holiday mood arises. The concentration of brine lets you float on the surface of the water – almost like in the Dead Sea. And by the way, it has a healing effect on the skin and respiratory tract.

    The Sauna area

    Variety of aromas in the sauna

    The Franken-Therme Bad Windsheim offers a diverse sauna landscape:
    The classic Finnish sauna, the stone pine sauna, the Brechel bath and the bio sauna or the panorama sauna – there is something for everyone in indoor and outdoor saunas.

    The approx. 34 ° C warmth ensures real bathing pleasure in the sauna area
    Thermal brine with 1.5% salt content. The relaxation pool is equipped with various water attractions. Cold and plunge pools provide cooling.

    The wellness area

    … enjoy moments of calm

    Access to the wellness area is reserved for guests who have booked an application.
    In the warmer seasons, the water garden, herb garden and fragrance garden invite you to take a break in the open air.

    In addition to wellness packages, individual treatments can also be booked individually – Massages, cosmetics, applications with singing bowls and much more.